Cosmic Health with Beth Bullitt


Staying healthy can be exhausting. When we are bombarded with so many different types of diets, health food fads, & recommendations from across the spectrum we can begin to just throw our hands up and resist our very own wellness. 


My goal is to bring clarity to your health through the cosmos. We all have this spiritual blueprint, but it actually exists in our bodies too! When you understand your elemental makeup & archetypes through looking at your birth chart you can start to cultivate a lifestyle that actually heals you instead of depletes you, brings you peace instead of anxiety, and begins to nourish you instead of punishing you.


My Cosmic Health Program is a deep dive into your health goals. My approach to health is completely holistic. What that means is I look at you as a whole person with a body, mind, and soul with a career, a family , a purpose, and relationships that all contribute to you overall health. By coaching you, I can help bring the pieces together in a tangible & practical way so that you begin to heal from the inside out.

I’ve got two programs that can help you bust through the barriers holding you back from being who you really want to be:

6 Week Cosmic Health Program

We will be working together for 6 weeks to get you on the fast track towards your health goals. During this time we will be co-creating healthy and sustainable goals that will re-align you mind, body, and spirit! We will set up your health goals and begin to uncover what wellness really means for you and how you can achieve it.

$450 ( or 2 payments of $225)

3 Month Cosmic Balance Program

My three month program is designed to go deep. We will set up health goals, look at astrological transits you have coming up, and begin to understand what your body, mind and soul really need. Together, we will find the health path that is right for you. By looking at your health from every angle; career, relationships, diet, exercise, money, and spirituality we will take apart what's holding you back from being the healthiest human you can be!

$630 (or 2 payments of $315)

What we will do together:

+ Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be
+ Create your personal game plan
+ Solve your body’s unique needs
+ Set your personal goals and work towards real change
+ Find a sense of balance that reaches your mind, body & soul

What you get:

+ Two 50-minute sessions a month by phone or Skype 

+ 1 hour  Natal Chart Reading 

+ 1 hour Year Ahead Transit Reading (3 month program only)

+ Weekly distance Reiki Healing 

+ Email support between sessions

+ Goal setting strategies to get you on the right path

+ The love and support you need to be your healthiest self!

Who it’s for:

Someone who is motivated…
and ready

Why you want it:

Because you want to feel….
and Balanced

Are you ready? Let's do this!
Unused Content:

I’ve got two programs that can help you bust through the barriers holding you back from being who you really want to be: