My Training


My journey towards all things holistic began with a year long study through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN). It was through this program that I learned about health and wellness on a truly deep level. I learned about dietary theories ranging from Ayurveda to Paleo to Vegan & Vegetarian diets and everything in between. I also learned incredible coaching skills that allowed me to aid my clients in finding what it is they truly want or need and how to move forward in a way that allows them to blossom. IIN changed my life and gave me the skills to help my clients and loved ones begin to take steps towards changes as well.


After my studies at IIN, I felt a very strong call towards the cosmos. My interest in astrology has been with me since my teen years, but I didn't get serious about studying it until 2017. I studied with Debra Silverman through her school, Applied Astrology. This catapulted me into the world of astrology like a lightening bolt and I have been hooked ever since. My studies were in Esoteric & Psychological Astrology, but I also blend in a lot of traditional astrology as well. I have come to understand myself, my loved ones, my clients, and the world on a very profound level through astrology. It was the tool I needed to really be able to help myself and my clients. My dream is that we will begin to love ourselves and each other a little bit more and I believe that astrology is one of the most sacred ways we can do that.

Working with me, you will be given a deeper understanding of who you are, what works for you and what doesn't, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can use all of your gifts to create a more harmonious life. 

Each session will leave you inspired and energized. You will learn how to find the right balance in your relationships, career, finances, and yes even your health & wellness! I will give you simple and sustainable ways to live your life in a more authentic and purposeful way.

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