My Approach

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness. This mean I will look at all the areas of your life and see how they are connected. Is the stress at your job causing you to make poor food choices? Lack of sleep giving you too little energy to exercise during the week? Is your troubled relationship making you feel hungry for the love and attention you need? We will work together to see how all of these pieces of your life affect your health.

I work with my clients and guide them to get in touch with their body’s needs, which will change throughout their lives. I want to equip you with the self-awareness that leads you to the empowerment over your body and mind.

I know you are capable of deep change and I want to give you the gift of seeing that for yourself.

As your coach I will not tell you what diet to get on or give you a list of things not to do. That’s not how I work! I want us to explore what makes you feel better and how to sustain that vitality. We will co-create health goals that are realistic, timely and doable so you will know exactly what you’re working towards.

Here are some concepts that we will explore during our work together:

Get in touch with those Essential Foods

We tend to look at food as just something on our plate, but we need so much more to truly nourish us. We must feed our relationships, careers, activity levels, and spiritual awareness to feel whole. I will guide you to come back into alignment with what really brings you happiness.

Lean into the Good Stuff

When we fill ourselves up with healthy, natural foods, we have less room for the unhealthy stuff. I will help you learn to make the best choices wherever you are, without depriving yourself of things you enjoy.

Know your Blueprint

We are all unique and different. It’s important to find our path. Working together, we will figure out what is right for you in all areas of your life so that you can honor who you are.

Crack open your Cravings

Your cravings are not something to ignore! They can tell you so much about what you missing in your life and what your body truly needs. I will help you get to the root of your cravings so that you can learn how to listen to your body and reclaim your balance.
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