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Health Blog | Beth Bullitt Holistic Health Coach

Aries Health Guide

It’s Aries season and this fiery sign is here to wake us all up (remember: you have high Aries energy if it’s your sun, moon or rising sign)! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and man do they love to be first! They represent the warrior, the initiator, and the pioneer. The energy level of an Aries is one of the highest of the zodiac. They work hard and play hard. Their constitution tends to be very hot, dry, and inflammatory. They activate so much energy in themselves and others that they can overdo it and then burn their fire as quickly as it was lit. Read More

Pisces Health Guide

Sweet, dreamy, poetic, and sensitive Pisces. This is the mystic of the zodiac and because of this otherworldly charm, they tend to not do well with this whole “human” thing.  Pisces are incredibly intuitive and naturally easy- going. They can have a really challenging time staying healthy though. Read More

Finding Balance the Ayurveda Way

    Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems.  Reaching back thousands of years, it centers itself on the belief that our well being is dependent on a delicate balance between our mind, body, heart and soul. Amazingly, these principals can help us find stability in today’s chaotic spiral. We all have a balance that is unique to us and we must find the things that improve the harmony in our own bodies and minds; Ayurveda is a wonderful way to do this. Read More

Aquarius Health Guide

Its Aquarius season and we are going to get deep with some health habits that can support this spunky sign! I have to say, I adore Aquarians! Two of my most beloved humans (my husband and soul sister) fall under this whimsical sign.  A good thing to remember with astrology is that your sun sign (personality/ego) is only part of who you are. If your rising sign (how the world sees you /soul’s purpose) or 6th house (health & well-being) is in Aquarius you will want to take these health tips into consideration. Read More

Capricorn Health Guide

We are all born with the DNA we inherit from our parents, but astrology claims to give us our “cosmic DNA.” This not only touches us on a soul level, but can be a huge part of our physical health.  Getting in touch with your astrology chart can help you pinpoint why you might have certain ailments that you just can’t break through. Read More

Holistic Medicine Cabinet for Winter

The winter brings a lot of different ailments, some physical and some mental. The winter is such a time of change and things moving under the surface, not seen. This is such a metaphor for how we grow and change each year, always evolving.  Read More

3 Ways to be a Mindful Mama during Holiday Chaos

I used to hate the holidays. Not all of them, just the ones that involved gift giving. It always felt like I was giving into the consumption and consumerism that left a bad taste in my mouth. I had this idea that by participating in and actually enjoying these holidays I was somehow “giving in” to the very things I disliked about them. Read More

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips for the Holidays

The time period in-between the holidays can be confusing from a dietary perspective. We’ve just come out of a very indulgent holiday that centers on food, sharing, and connecting and then are plunged into another holiday that involves a lot of sweet treats, consumption, and late night festivities. Sometimes we feel stuck in that middle point and wonder “should I just throw out my healthy eating habits and go crazy for the next five weeks?!” Read More

The Power of Gratitude

Having gratitude is something we hear about a lot, but sometimes don’t internalize completely. The definition of gratitude is “appreciation.” To me it is so much more than this! Gratitude is being present, mindful, respectful, and honoring the things in your life. It is something we should practice every day. Read More

Holiday Holistic Self Care

Last December was not full of peace and joy in my household. We were out of town visiting my in laws and my 3 year old son got a really nasty stomach virus. I’m talking throwing up all over his grandparent’s bed, multiple times, and just completely out of it. I hated to see him like this, especially at such a fun and happy time of the year. When we traveled back home so that our boys would wake up in our house for Christmas morning, I woke up to my stomach turning. Read More

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