Virgo Health Guide



The servant, the perfectionist, and the Virgin (but I don’t mean sexually!). Virgo energy gets very misunderstood and can be hard to grasp. We have become accustomed to the idea that a “virgin” means that somebody is prudish, prissy, & uptight. In reality, the true meaning of a virgin was someone who was possessed by no one and no things, not attached, wanting nothing, and completely unbound. Virgo is here to refine, not restrict. Virgo is always searching for purpose and this comes through in her health.

If you have a Virgo moon or Rising your nature is cold, dry, and changeable. Virgo is a mutable Earth energy and carries with it clarity & adaptability. It rules the small intestine (absorption of nutrients), the abdomen, pancreas, & automatic nervous system. This area, in turn, is where the most ailments occur for Virgos. Diarrhea, digestive problems, constipation, sacrum trouble, and food sensitives are common.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind & communication) so their health is very connected to their level of thinking & how much brain power they are exerting. If their nervous systems aren’t strengthened, their mind can go into a tailspin & the body will quickly follow. Malabsorption can be a huge problem for Virgos because the nervous system stresses the digestive system out! One of the best ways a Virgo can prevent this is by letting go of the perfectionist tendencies, loosening up the reins on wanting everything to be flawless. A Virgo will forgo food (and even their health) to get things done. There is so much that needs tending to on this Earth & Virgo’s came here with a serious mission!

Because Virgo is an Earth sign it needs solid routine. Even though it can adapt to anything, the simplicity of the Earth energy is strong in them and they need regularity with their health, body, & day to day activities (this is especially important for Moon & Rising Virgos).

In order to recuperate & restore themselves, Virgos need peaceful, natural, & beautiful environments. Virgo is represented with the beginning of the harvest (the very end of summer) and so a semi-vegetarian (balanced) diet is best. Well-cooked, wholesome food is wonderful for their system along with lots of good fiber for their intestinal stimulation. Virgos really benefit from detoxification & elimination diets once or twice a year for a few weeks. This can trigger a lot of healing & freshness in their bodies.

Some foods that they tend to do well with are small amounts of high quality kefir/yogurt & cheese, cruciferous veggies, cabbage, cauliflower, bone broth, good fats (avocado, ghee, coconut oil, & extra virgin olive oil), fruit, hemp seeds, fermented veggies, hemp seeds, and grass-fed or wild caught meat & fish.

Virgo Supplements (help with digestion, blood sugar, & nervousness):
* Vitamin C

* Vitamin D

* Omega 3s

* B12

* Coconut Charcoal

* Rhoddiola Rosea

* Ashwagandha
*always check with your doctor when adding supplements and herbs to your routine. 

Essential Oils for Virgo:
* Chamomile

* Lavender

* Rose

* Ylang Ylang

* Frankincense


Other ways to Support your Virgo Energy:
* Solar Plexus & Throat Chakra mediations (also heart meditation to learn

  to love themselves & others just the way they are…. perfectionism can be a  

  real curse for Virgo)

* Exercises that use both the body & mind like Yoga, Thai Chi, Qigong, &


* Walking in nature or grounding outside while barefoot.

* Reducing stimulation throughout the day (especially before bed- no

  phones or other electronics).


Virgo, you bring the service to the planet. You actually become the work. You perfect yourself through humble self-assessment, relentless precision, and a steadfast desire to bring some sort of gift to the world. We thank you for your service…. can you give yourself a break now?







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