Leo Health Guide




The Queen (or king), the performer, the heart, the mighty lion. Leo is the potent fire sign that loves to express itself. Leo energy is infectious; their positivity is uplifting. Physically, Leo energy is hot, dry, & excessive. This can pour out into their energy field as well. Sometimes Leos can just be too much, the constant performing & need to spread humor can rub people the wrong way. Don’t take it personally loving Leos, remember that we all are different…. we really wouldn’t want you any other way, I promise. The Leo energy is going to effect your personality the most if you are a Leo Sun sign & will effect your health the most if you are a Leo Moon or Rising.

If you are a Leo rising you have one the strongest constitution of the zodiac. A Leo moon can be more of a health concern just because the moon prefers to be in either water or earth, but the body loves a fire sign! One thing is for certain, if you have a Leo Sun, Moon, or rising you have a lot of heart. Leo rules the heart (plus the spine & spleen) and because of this you can become heartbroken over disappointments, are more susceptible to heath disease, panic attacks, high & low blood pressure, back & spine problems, & overall burnout (you love to keep spreading your fire around!).

It is essential for you to take time out to rest & recuperate. Leo is very much “concentrated energy” so it’s like this powerful potion of life force energy. This can cause a ton of insomnia as well as emotional issues. With all that flowing through them, they also carry a deep fear of failure & not being loved. This creates a lot of anxious energy within them that starts on the emotional level and then manifests into the physical (heart, back, spine, etc.). To makes things worse, Leo’s aren’t good at asking for help until they are really suffering. If you have a loved one with a lot of Leo, make sure you are a little more aggressive with the help…. they need it, but their lion pride blocks a lot!

Leos need warmth & sunshine to recalibrate & heal. What they need less of is foods with a lot of heat as well as stimulating food & drink. This overwhelms their system and just pours gasoline on their already blazing fire!

Leo’s need some meat in their diet. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but they tend to suffer more without some high-quality meat. Any foods that strengthen the blood are essential for Leos: dark leafy greens, beans, legumes, egg yolks, & dried fruit. Of course, any red or orange food is wonderful for a Leo!


Leo Supplements (help with blood detox, insomnia, & anxiety):

* Liquid Chlorophyll

* Fish Oil

* Vitamin A

* Vitamin B Complex

* Magnesium

* Passion Flower
*always check with your doctor when adding supplements and herbs to your routine. 

Essential Oils for Leos:

* Lavender

* Bergamot

* Sandalwood

* Frankincense

Other ways to Support your Leo Energy:

* Root Chakra & Heart Chakra Meditations.

* Exercises that strengthen back & spine like Pilates, Yoga, & Calisthenics.

* Getting a healthy amount of sunlight daily (15-20 min) can really fuel a     



 Leo, you are creative energy of the zodiac. You are the essence of “personality” and at the highest level, you are the essence of “love.” Don’t ever forget how important your expression is for the world. Without it, we would be lost at sea. You are the bonfire that leads us home…back to our hearts. Shine on beauty!







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