Pisces Full Moon- Through the Fog is Where We Find the Light




Sensitivity, intuition, visionary, compassionate. The Pisces moon is like a dreamy & otherworldly energy. It can bring about our deepest hopes & activate our imaginations.  A romantic nature can come about with the moon full of Pisces spirit.

The moon will be full at 3 degrees of Pisces Sunday, August 26that around 7:00 AM.

This moon that comes around once a year is an opportunity to wade through our emotions, however deep they may go. Pisces carries with it perception, vulnerability, idealism, & tranquility. It can also bring about a lot of daydreaming, evasiveness, & confusion. Try to invoke more of the illuminated bits of Pisces these next few days.

Pisces is one of the most elusive signs of the Zodiac, it’s not fully rooted on the Earth & would never want to be! If you are a person with a lot of Earth, Air, or Fire in your chart this Pisces moon is a good time for you to get in touch with how you feel about your life. Not the practical day to day stuff, not overanalyzing & intellectualizing it, & certainly not trying to burn past your emotions because you don’t have time for them (I’m talking to you Fire signs!). We must fully embrace and understand our emotions (the light and the dark ones) in order to become whole souls. Pisces is all about bringing a little heaven to earth. It’s a whimsical place between being grounded in ourselves & feeling connected to the oneness all around us.

The full moon is a time for gratitude and Pisces energy likes to get poetic. You could do more journal writing or even attempt a gratitude poem for the full moon. Include your hopes & dreams for the rest of the year with a grateful heart. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, this full moon is a chance to release anything holding us back from being complete & floating forward with grace & appreciation.


New & full moons are always a time to look inside ourselves with compassion and humility. There is always room for improvement & Pisces wants us to feel more, to give more, and to learn how to swim through our emotions. Things might feel hazy, but sometimes we have to go through the fog to become truly free.










How do you plan on bringing the Pisces energy to your life? Share below!








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