Uranus Goes Retrograde: The Rebel Takes a Breather



Uranus turns retrograde around noon on August 7th this year.  This is going to be a HUGE opportunity for deep change.....on the inside. Once Uranus is retrograde there will be 6 planets (7 if you include Chiron!) in retrograde. This isn't something that happens very often.  The Universe is kind of begging for us to go back inside ourselves, refine all these areas, and come back through the other side with more clarity to go forward into the world with. Uranus will be retrograde August 7th in Taurus & won't turn direct until January 6th 2019 in Aries.


Uranus is the rebel rouser, the change maker, the shock & awe planet. It creates serious change on a global scale. When Uranus going retrograde it's time to turn those revolutionary changes inward. Where do you need to be more inventive, radical, & progressive in your own life? Since it will be in the sign of Taurus we can expect some shake-ups with out finances, but also everything we value on a personal level (our possessions, our relationships, our careers, our spirituality, and everything we love). Taurus represents the Earth itself so we could see some radical things happening on the planet when it turns direct in 2019. When it dips back into Aries, expect some impatience to rear it's ugly head. Inner reflection & apologizing quickly will be your friends during this time.  Uranus going retrograde is all about us beginning to start the changes from the inside out. 



Some things you might want to ask yourself & contemplate over the next five months are:


  • What do I need to change in my life?

  • How can I get real with myself & others?

  • What fears could I begin to face?

  • What do I need to let go of?

  • How am I preventing progress in my life?



Uranus can't stand stagnant energy and only wants advancement & breakthroughs. The retrograde is a time to become more introspective of our own rebel side. We need to learn to be more considerate and thoughtful in our rebellion & revolts. Sometimes when the resistance bug hits, ice want to leave EVERYTHING behind. This can be damaging & counterproductive. How can we stand up against oppression & suffering in our own life (and the world at large) in a way that is respective, receptive, & responsive?



Uranus can be destructive by nauture because it likes to inflame and be provocative. There are times where this is certainly necessary (because some things need to be built anew), but sometimes we rebel for rebellion sake and miss the point entirely. There are places in each of our lives that we will be having to face our rebellious nature with a little more scrutiny. Are you willing to admit your wrong? Are you willing to really listen to others points of view? If you aren't, Uranus is going to shake some stuff up for you because there are lessons there for you.



Learn to like the lessons though...they expand us and they are the messages from the universe.








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