Chiron Turns Retrograde: The Wounded Become the Healers




Chiron will go retrograde in the very final minutes of July 4th of this year. At 2 degrees of Aries, the “wounded healer” will begin a six-month lesson in healing the damaged parts of ourselves, personally and collectively.  On December 9th at 27 degrees of Pisces he will direct himself and assume that we have done the work we needed to do. Like any great teacher, he will not micro manage us, we are all adults here and the healing is our responsibility. Are you up for some serious growth?
If you are, there is potential here for you to shed your old skin and begin to heal a part of yourself that might have fallen asleep in the middle of the movie. Time to wake up, wash up, and let the mending begin.


Who is Chiron?

 Chiron, as we know it, is an asteroid. It rests between the planets Saturn (order, structure, and hard truths) and Uranus (the unexpected, the shake ups, and shockwaves). It is no random thing that Chiron always enters the sign that Uranus has just left. The necessary wounds and growing pains of Uranus need healing. They need that great teacher that sheds light on the chaos enveloping us. This is where Chiron comes in. The asteroid that lies between two very important planets has a story behind all his restoration.
The wounded healer, the mystic, the rejected one, the prophet, and the teacher. The mythology of Chiron is one we can all relate to. It begins with rejection and ends with the wounded one becoming the great healer and teacher. Chiron was born as a centaur (half man/half horse) and because of this difference he was rejected by his mother. This was his wound and what a wound it was. But out of the mud, a lotus can bloom. Chiron was then embraced by Apollo, the god of music, prophecy, healing, poetry, and the Sun. Through this relationship, Chiron was catapulted into the arts, sciences, and mystery of the universe. In a sense he “found himself.” He decided to settle into a cave on Mt. Pelion and earned respect as a great healer, astrologer, prophet, and leader.  He went on to teach Achilles (the Greek Warrior), Asclepius (considered the father of medicine), and Heracles (the immortal hero). Chiron took his wounds and turned them into golden wisdom to be passed down generation after generation.
This is just his story, but isn’t this story in all of us? The rejection (we all have it somewhere), the mentor that embraced you and revealed so much truth (these are everything), and the courage to go within, find yourself, and help others do the same (kind of a universal purpose right?). The wounds become the teachers who become the healers….and the circle continues.


Healing in Reverse

Chiron going retrograde asks us to heal old wounds. It’s a chance to revisit and reflect on where our wounds might still be a little gaping. How can we have gratitude for our path and journey, but move forward with more wisdom & restorative habits? How can the wounded become the healers? How can we turn our rejections into acceptance? These are the questions that the great teacher, Chiron, is asking us to explore on a personal level, and universal level. As an American, I’d like to see more wisdom, acceptance, and restoration in our country. We have six months to redirect, refine, and reverse any actions that have been harmful and disjointed. Are we up for it? I think so. Can we course correct? Absolutely. Will we? I don’t have the answer to that, but I do know it’s up to ALL of us to help with this.
Back to that personal level; are you ready to face your old scars? Take the next six months to reflect on the old wounds that have been holding you back. Holding you back in relationships, work, health, and your growth. Let your wounds become your greatest teacher. Once you gain your wisdom, it’s time for the student to become the teacher. This is the unbroken circle that binds us all together. Getting vulnerable with each other, seeing ourselves in others, and loving each other through it all.
All the Virgo in me gets excited about healing the uncomfortable, itchy parts of ourselves; "doing the work" essentially. That to me is magic. But for you it might sounds like torture. Either way, the cure is always staring us in the face. It’s just up to us to turn around, take hold of it, and let it wash over us.




What wounds of yours need healing? How can you embrace your past with gratitude and a fresh outlook?








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