Mars Retrograde in Aquarius: Rethinking Impulsive Actions




Mars will go retrograde at the end of June (the 26thto be exact) and will not turn direct until August 27th.  This is going to happen at 9 degrees Aquarius and will turn direct at 28 degrees Capricorn. Take a look at where these degrees are in your chart to see what areas are going to feel it the most.
Mars in Retrograde can be a very strange time. Mars rules the fire sign Aries in modern astrology (and Scorpio in traditional astrology).  Because of this, it’s hot, dry & inflammatory. Everything Mars touches it inflames in some way. This can be destructive, but sometimes it’s what is needed for a true wakeup call and eventual new growth.
Being aware of these parts inside all of us and when they are being activated or irritated is really important. I don’t say this to insight fear in you or make you even more superstitious than you might already be. I give you this so that you can have more self-awareness during these transitions and be able to navigate them with some semblance of grace and perception.
Mars is represented by the warrior and in reverse it could be calling out for more peace, more stillness. This is not a natural thing for Mars, so when the need for stillness comes, so does frustration over not charging ahead. Expect things to not go as fast as you would like them to. But instead of getting discouraged over the stalling energy, use that time to go within and rethink your actions.
Mars being in Aquarius represents almost electric energy. When it goes retrograde we need to move away from being so reactive and move more towards questioning our actions. This is an opportunity to really find out the best way to move forward with our situations. This is going to happen on a collective level, but we will also feel it in different areas in our particular charts. If you have any planets or important points like your ascendant or midheaven in Aquarius, your irritability might be at a higher than normal level. There is purpose to all of this….are you ready to get quiet enough to understand it?Thatis your choice.

2 Year Cycle


Mars goes into retrograde about every two years. It hasn’t gone retrograde in Aquarius since 1971 (and won’t happen again until 2050!). This rare two-year event is an opportunity for all of us to rethink our actions (Mars territory).  What is it that you’ve lost patience with and are trying way too hard to push forward with?
Take this opportunity to reimagine the how & why of what you are doing. Mars does not like to stay still, and maybe you don’t either, but now is the time to do so. Take a breath, stop the commotion, and sit with the abyss for a bit.  If you get uncomfortable, just remember that you only really have to do this every two years!


Mars & that South Node


Mars will not only go retrograde over the current South Node, but also the south node of the United States. This is going to be a releasing time of “old wounds & ideas.” This may happen for you on a personal level, but it is really going to happen to us all on a collective level.
The retrograde is a purification in a sense and may have us questioning “is this who we really are?” and then when it goes direct perhaps asking “who do we want to be now?



How to Stay Healthy


Now that we know how unusual and also how powerful this retrograde will be we also need to know how can we stay “healthy” through the commotion. With the heat of Mars going retrograde in the summer months, we are going to need some cooling and soothing supplements & activities through this time. Using herbs & movement is a wonderful way to stay well, but also to stay connected. This retrograde could have us feeling "off" a little so it's important to stay grounded, stay open, and try to stay whole.

Some of the best herbs to add to your daily rituals this summer could be:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Rose



If you like to use Bach Flower Essence, some of the best ones to use throughout the Mars summer retrograde are:

  • Cherry Plum
  • Willow
  • Beech



Things to do to curb anger & frustration w/ the Mars retrograde:

  • Deep relaxation techniques
  • Breath work
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Long walks w/ breath work


















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