Hello loves, and welcome to bethbullit.com. My site is dedicated to bringing you holistic health tips that can improve your mind, body, and soul. I’m a big believer in balance in all areas of life. In fact, balance is one of my favorite words. I love the definition: “keep or put in steady position so that it does not fall.” Now this is a pretty literal meaning, but I see it going much deeper. When you think about having a balanced diet, you get the health benefits you need as well as the nourishment your body depends on so that it can keep functioning and not fall apart. But what about a balanced mind? How does that work? And a balanced spirit; is that even possible?

Not only are these things possible, they are the key to living a more fulfilling, abundant, peaceful, and meaningful life. Through my own experiences and my education as a Holistic Health Coach, I have gained access to some of the best tools to help you come back into alignment with who you were always meant to be.

My blog will be dedicated to giving you recipes, video blogs, articles, meditations, exercises for both the body and mind, and tools to deepen your connection with your core essence. Life can be overwhelming and sometimes we get in our own way. My goal is to teach you just how powerful you can be in your own life and find the balance that works for you, your family, and the world around you.

I hope that the information you receive from me serves you well and that you remember just how important you are!

If you would like even more help and you would like to create sustainable change in your health and life, check out my one-on-one programs!

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In the meantime, stay balanced love…