Health Blog | Beth Bullitt Holistic Health Coach
Health Blog | Beth Bullitt Holistic Health Coach

Holiday Holistic Self Care

Last December was not full of peace and joy in my household. We were out of town visiting my in laws and my 3 year old son got a really nasty stomach virus. I’m talking throwing up all over his grandparent’s bed, multiple times, and just completely out of it. I hated to see him like this, especially at such a fun and happy time of the year. When we traveled back home so that our boys would wake up in our house for Christmas morning, I woke up to my stomach turning. Read More

Boost Your Immune System the Natural Way

It’s that time of year where it seems like clockwork we start getting sick.  If you are anything like me, you aren’t interested in numbing out your symptoms with over-the-counter syrups and pills. You want to actually heal the places in your body that need love and attention. Read More

Why Forgiveness is Good for Your Health

We all experience painful moments with people in our lives; I have more times than I can count! Whether it’s been 20 years or it just happened last week, it can be a force so heavy that sometimes we feel trapped in our anger, sadness, and frustration! Read More

Adaptogens 101

Can an herbal powder really balance your hormones, improve your sex drive, and relieve stress? The answer is simply...yes!  Read More

How Can Yoga Help the Whole Child? Just Ask This Goddess

Children’s yoga is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! With the incorporation of breathing, movement, meditation, not to mention love of self and others, children’s yoga can become a true catalyst for the deep transformation our world needs now more than ever. Read More

The Three L's for Living Life to Its Fullest

Life is a constant stream of giving and receiving, ebbing and flowing, holding on to and letting go of. We live in this energy exchange on a daily basis, but rarely take the time to really appreciate its significance or be thankful for the balance that is naturally occurring all around us. We always seem to think that “finding balance” is this far off treasure trove that we have to strive and struggle to even get to, let alone maintain. What If I told you there was an easier way to feel more aligned? Better yet, what if I told you that the journey to internal balance didn’t really have anything to do with food? Read More

4 Dietary Theories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

One person’s food is another person’s poison. We all have different reactions and craving toward food. This is why it is important to get to know your body and what works for its particular make up. I don't believe in sticking to one particular diet for the rest of your life, that's not my style. Read More

What is a Health Coach and Why You Need One

A health coach is a relatively new industry that is up and coming. We like to look at ourselves as the buffer between our client s and the medical world. For health coaches, it is about guiding clients through prevention, sustainability, self-care, and goal setting Read More

Does Your Gut Need some TLC?

Gut health is super important. Like, maybe one of the most important things you can do for yourself health wise. About 80% of your immune system is in your gut! What does this mean? Read More

5 Ways to Stay Balanced in the New Year

Starting a new year can be stressful, intimidating, and nerve-racking. On the other hand, it can also be invigorating, exciting, and beautiful. It all depends on the mindset you want to approach it in! Read More