About Me

Hiya Beauty!
Beth Bullitt here and I’m a health and wellness junkie. For the last 15 years of my life I have been fascinated with healing, living, and thriving in a natural way, you could say it’s a passion of mine. I’m a free spirit, grounded mama of two boys, and wife to one amazing man. A lover of food, music, art, books, and all things mystical!

Like most people, my dive into the wellness world began with a health scare. I had a hemorrhage in my eye and had to have emergency surgery. After the surgery they found something much more alarming in my body… chronic inflammation! Not only did I have this crazy inflammation in my body, I was riddled with anxiety and depression. I was a hot mess and I was ready to put myself back together. I decided to set myself on a natural path that would give me back control of my body and my mind. The journey wasn’t easy, but it brought me into alignment with who I always knew I could be. It’s been 12 years now and I feel better than ever (and that’s after having two kids!). Through my own health issues, I’ve learned that our bodies are constantly communicating with us. I want to help you learn to have a dialog with your body that strengthens your intuition and empowers you to learn how to make yourself feel amazing. It was through finding a way to heal my body using my own intuition that I also began to heal my mind and spirit. This gave me that “aha” moment that health is about the whole picture and it truly is all connected.

Finding my way empowered me to realize that if we give our bodies half a chance, they can heal themselves. And once our bodies heal, it gives us a chance to go even deeper into our souls. I know from personal experience, when you change your health you can transform your life. I like to look at who you are as a whole person and unpack the pieces of your “dis-ease” to get to the root issues. I want you to feel better so you can be the person you always dreamed of because this world needs you more than you know.
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